Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beautiful Words

Just two weeks back, a friend said to me, "I am now seldom moved by what people write. I guess maybe I have turned cold after all these things."

I felt... sad, after hearing those words.

I always enjoyed writing. I believe that it clears the mind and allows me to express some of my inner thoughts that I probably  could not express as well if I had verbalised it. Writing frees me. It transport me to this world of my personal thoughts and allows me to see, reflect and express them. It represents emotions that may otherwise remain hidden. And most importantly, I strongly believe that words, or being able to choose the right kind of words to communicate my thoughts and emotions, is one hell of a personal endorphine high.

And words, beautiful words, can warm and lift a spirit. It is also those words that brings men to unimaginable emotion highs, unifies our fellow men to fulfill dreams, ideals and even war. Those powerful, beautiful words.

Maybe we are too caught up in the rat race. Maybe we are seeing witnessing less emotions. Maybe we are mastering the poker face too well. Maybe.... just maybe, we have turned less human.

Take some time. Write a note. Share your joy. Give praise. Love.

And maybe, just maybe, my friend will rediscover that warmth, that fluttering feeling in the heart when words like these are read.

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