Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mr K's Birthday Lunch @ The Pancakes

The Dependables came over as planned for Mr K's birthday lunch less Mr GE who is out of the country.  Salute to Mr K who really turned up at 7am in the morning to cook (his own) lunch. Mr Pancakes and Mr K had fun talking nonsense and cooking (and the only TWO we13 games which Mr Nurse witnessed.)

A reminder of the menu here. Mr Nurse added mushrooms cooked in cream and balsamic vinegar. Superbly done, I must say. And the use of fresh thyme leaves (forcefully) suggested by Mr Pancakes gave that extra zing to the dish. 

Mr Pancakes managed to squeeze in Italian Angelino Plums cooked in vanilla syrup because of the extra hands of Mr K. It did not turn out as well as Mr Pancakes wanted, but nevertheless, the virgin use of a vanilla bean (given by Mr Nurse) was exciting enough. All menu items will be added on to the 'Recipe' segment of this website. Including Mr Nurse's mushrooms. We missed out the lemon cake served with lemon curd done by Mrs Pancakes, which she will post later in the 'Recipe' section.

Amazingly, the Dependables did not take photos after so many rounds of gathering. Shall make a commitment to do so the next time round.

And yes, first time visit by the little princess of Mr K to the Pancakes. Super cute right?

Some reflections. Yes, Mr Pancakes (with Mrs Pancakes and Mr K) pulled off another meal. However, Mr Pancakes realised that it lacked the "WOW" factor. The whole dining experience was just normal. Mr Pancakes wants to jazz it up. Serves the food warm and surprise his guests. Right now, Mr Pancakes is at best is at the level of a hawker stall. So many things to work on. Quality of the cooking, presentation of the food, the temperature of the food when served, timing of the food being cooked just as the guests arrives and of course the "wow" factor. Also, kitchen management. The kitchen is always messed up as the last dish is hastily served. All these had gotta improve.

And yes, Mr Sailor, to make it good enough for you to wear your suit here to eat. ;)
Thanks for the encouragements.

Onward to the next level, Mr Pancakes. To the zi char standard, we go.

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